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So there is a tiny chance I might be going to a major European festival this year, although seeing as it's not confirmed I'm not announcing anything yet, only getting excited about what I might wear! Of course, my cousins Rena and Paul hold Electric Barn every year, a super little boutique festival near Newcastle, so my name is down for at least one melting pot of mud, mayhem and music for the summer. But for a second, I am fantasizing about getting glammed up in over-zero temperatures....

Now having spent a weekend or two in Belfast with a certain pal of mine Carl, I have come to realise the full impact of my dressing too tastefully for office consumption. There is a time and a place for that, and to be frank, being as trashy as possible has always been my first love when having fun. I had just forgotten of late. 

So, the following images bear some resemblance to this newly rediscovered love of fishnet, flesh and kohl by the kilo. Coachella 2012; forget the girly, wafty, benign offerings of Emma Watson et al., (you can see a full gallery of the best dressed on Vogue's website). I was most taken in by the bitches who dared to bare with the trash and pinazz of what I believe constitutes electric dressing....

Kate Bosworth stood out from the hyper-glam LA-styled set at the Mulberry party in her tiger tee, tiny cut-offs and hi-tops. All were made by the guys hosting the party, but still - props for the if not somewhat glossed-over trash factor. 

Azealia Banks looked mighty trashed-up, although a little shy, as gypsy woman Florence Welsh leads her somewhere or other by the hand, in a punky coloured faux fur coat and heavy metal boots, balanced out with a super sexy flash of thigh. To be honest this definitely looks to be a look ripe for replication under stony British skies.She looked much less coy in her stripy ensemble on stage later - smart move by here working a bold print that will be seen for miles as you prance about on stage. Even for a punter, though, you'd be hard pressed getting lost in a crowd running around in this, and its certainly a comfy look to get melted in.
Kate Bosworth
Azealia Banks and Florence Welsh

Azealia Banks
Azealia Banks
Rihanna won massive Hot Mess points with me in her studded denim hot pants, slogan crop top and Chanel bomber; these were greatly appreciated on Tumblr et al, but did anyone spot her leopard print hi tops? I. Die. I love how trashed she seems to have got in these photos too - noone ever said that girl doesn;t know how to have fun.

But who won my pin ups of the festival dressers?

It would have to go to Chanel Iman. Its hot. You wanna look the part from rocking out. What more does a girl need than a ripped up band tee, bikini pants and a few well placed accessories? (And don't say an international-model-size-zero body) Not only do I totally dig the rock chick thing, being a punk kid one day, goth the next, I like how she's almost done it in a ethnic Indian inspired way. All she needs now is a headdress....

All images sourced on Tumblr


Chanel Iman (left)

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