I am Rena, a writer currently based in London, originally from Geordie shore. A fashion geek and rag mag freak, with a healthy feminist streak that finds me perched atop a soap box every once in a while.

I blogged on Handbags and Fag Hags for two and a half years but started afresh with Electric Dress late 2011. I've been editor-in-chief, stylist and writer for magazines glossy, paper and online, and have modelled, styled, dressed and presented at catwalk shows. I've done my fair share of retail work, assisting and merchandising in women's, men's and kid's, high street to high end.

Fashion, for me, is a daily artistic expression, a way to reinvent yourself morning and night. Clothing and identity are one; it is an aesthetic language with which we read each other. Getting high on inspiration and sourcing interesting and unusual things is right up my street. 

But I am not obsessed by fashion. I like going to art exhibitions, getting lost in a book, exploring foreign places and owning the dance floor just as much as the next kid. But as Vivienne Westwood once said, you have a more interesting life if you wear interesting clothes.

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Photo: Jonathan Pryce

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