[London] Fashion Week Diary Day 5

The last day of fashion week came around way quicker than anyone wanted. Jordanna and Mel of Pandora's Thoughts felt the same way as I and we agreed the night before to arrive early and stay late; first on the schedule; Mary Katrantzou. We agreed to meet at Somerset House before the show started at 9.

I wore my Zara starry jumpsuit, moon-and-star top as a turban, Christmas jumper my mum made from an 80s pattern she got in a charity shop, and brogues. I arrived at Somerset House at 8.45AM, only to find the Mary Katrantzou show wasn't at Somerset House but the Topshop venue in Old Billingsgate Market!! I took the plunge and hailed a cab. I arrived and the queue was huge; I got chatting to a lovely girl who works with Jonathan Saunders as we waited in the sunshine for the show to get going.

Typical of when you jinx things and invest in silly extras like taxis, I was one of only a handful of people who didn't get in. It was really irritating, especially when I heard later that there seemed to be room enough for extra bums on seats. In any case, I wasn't alone - Italian blogger Pio and Argentinian designers Vanessa and Natalia also didn't make it in, and they were super fun, so we walked back to Somerset House together. 

I met the Pandora's Thoughts girls and we queued for David Koma; we just about made it through the door, and blagged a pretty good viewpoint from behind the stalls. The collection was divine; read my review here. The next show was Holly Fulton at 11AM; we queued in the standing line in plenty of time and were one of the lucky ones to get in - though we didn't get an actual seat; I spent the show kneeling up to see better - I doubt this is the first or last time I'll be on my knees for fashion! The collection was incredible, full of colour and fun, though no less refined for it; read my review here.

On a roll getting into the big shows, we headed back to the Topshop venue for Meadham Kirchhoff, with a slight detour for a quick Pret lunch. Londoners love Pret like New Yorkers love Starbucks, and I'm not surprised. Quick and healthy, I fully plan to be one of those London-living addicts some day soon. 

At the Old Billingsgate Market, we were almost the very first ones in the queue, with the exception of one girl. We got first in to the standing area and grabbing a glass of champers on the way in, we headed to get set up. The girls went downstairs and squeezed in to get the best shots, while I enjoyed the space upstairs and stayed with a bird's-eye-view of models and punters. As can be expected from the boys, it was a super fun show with brilliant glad-rags as always. Read my review here

Later, the girls headed off to KTZ where my friend Sara was interning. I went to Ozwald Boateng for a presentation with the super cool guys from Shiloh magazine. Lovely boys in lovely clothes, it was all very intimate, held at the West London showroom. Then it was back to Fashion Scout for the Math show, a slick collection of tailoring presented with precision and grace. My photos that day were all analogue, hence the slight delay in getting it all up... but who ever wants Fashion Week fun to end!?

Italian blogger Pio and Argentinian designers Vanessa and Natalia

Jordanna and Mel of Pandora's Thoughts

David Koma


Meadham Kirchoff

Meadham Kirchoff

Meadham Kirchoff
Ozwald Boateng

Ozwald Boateng

Ozwald Boateng

Ozwald Boateng


  1. That days was for sure the most stressful of them all! But it was such a pleasure to meet you!



    1. Aw thank you! Yes, it was so stressy, but I'm sure we'll do it all over again next season! You gonna come over for mens week? x