[Electric Dress] Metallic Mac @ Topshop

Metallic Plastic Mac, £45 @ topshop.co.uk
There's being fashionable yet comfortable, and then there's festivals. In swanps of mud and intoxicated hazes, it is barely imaginable how to stay safe and stylish at these summer shindigs. Top of the list is always keeping out of rain's way, which is where a cool mac like this number from Topshop does the trick nicely. Available in sterling silver or this warm bronze shade, it will keep off showers and makes an easy statement where floaty tops, no matter how cool the print, are lost beneath warmer layers. And it could be worked in many ways, though always as an anti-dote to any dippy hippy ethnic chic thats such a no-brainer. I'd go for either sporty 90s old rave feeling, with some funky, chunky hi-tops, bumbag and mega-print leggings, or on another day use it with leathers and studs for a punky vibe. What's more, it would look fabulous under a gigantic feather headress with some streaks of face paint, by far the coolest thing to rock at any festival look this summer. Oh, and want another top festival fashion tip from me? Book an underarm wax. Excruciating but true.

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