Electric Dress At Large: The Skinny

This week sees more of my work published on the Skinny website; as well as the interview with Jennie Loof, I reported for them on some of the shows I went to at London Fashion Week. I covered Obscure Couture, Pam Hogg and did a medley post on many of the shows at Vauxhall Fashion Scout in one. Although I did get one or two good ones on my point-and-shoot, my friends at Pandora's Thoughts Melissa and Jordanna kindly provided photographic evidence for a good few. For those who don't know, the Skinny is a hella good magazine from Scotland, and I got in touch with them first while a student at Glasgow University. With the tagline "Independent Cultural Journalism", they cover all the important bits in life and then some. It was great fun coordinating with them over the season through fash ed Alex and I'm looking forward to working with them again - they do loads of coverage for the Edinburgh Fringe of course, and it would be cool to do a street style extravaganza this summer for them to get that all-important sartorial edge at the thespian fest!

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