[Electric Dresser] Katy


Abbey Street, Dublin
At the Twisted Pepper's Record Store Day on Saturday, I spotted a few cool music chicks who obviously know a thing or two when it comes to clothes. What caught my eye about what Katy wears, aside from the cute little hat that makes for a soft frame around her face, was her bold use of print in her tweed coat, multi-coloured dress and two-tone trainers. Kooky as it is, she makes it work with the punches of black on her coat, hat and tights, while the simple bag with a flash of bright lightens the mood for spring and plays right in tempo with the colours in the dress. And for all the nods to high fashion in the minimalist bag and oh-so-now leather sleeves, the trainers keep it sweet for a day date at a music gig. 5 star stuff.

Hat: from grandmother
Glasses: Zara
Coat: Zara
Dress: Urban Outfitters
Bag: Topshop
Shoes: Converse


  1. Love the tweed & Converse combo!

    1. Me too! Mix of vintage and modern, its brill :) x