What I Wore @ East End Saturday Night

So last week I went and checked out the Blogger's Yard Sale and was lucky enough to pick up a few bits, not only whimsical impulse purchases from the motley selection of what the participants were hoping to shed, but also stuff I've been coveting for a while but had never quite found the right version of. Which brings me to this semi-opaque skirt. Yah, sure, they've been done to death by fashion types for a few seasons now, but the only one I ever nearly bought myself was a weird cut-out version from Zara that was short at the front - but in straight lines. Not the flattering graded hemline you want. I left it in said Zara in Belfast.

This one I bought from the lovely Louise Lau of Lust and Found, although it may have been one of her sister's, Susie Bubble's, because rumour has it they were helping each other out on the stalls. Well, I say rumour - Susie said so on her blog. Anyway, it turns out I shoulda bought one of these bad boys yonks ago. See! It makes even an American Apparel swimsuit style one piece look braw!

As for the boots - and my God are these boots - they add all the pizazz and know-how for a rockin ensemble of the fashion-meets-rude grrl kind. You can own some of the very same for less than forty squid if you head to the fabu-tastic types at Tribeca. It's an online bargain basement extraordinaire for the shoe extrovert. Hitting the nail on the head with these and many other Jeffrey Campbell knock-offs, it's 15% off your first order, so no excuses!

Swimsuit: American Apparel / Skirt: Sparkle and Fade / Boots: Tribeca

Muchos gracias to Sara for the pics and props


  1. cool!!


  2. LOVE this outfit! The maxi and boots go perfectly! xxx Gorge! x


    1. thanks babe! loving all the coverage ur getting atm! xxx

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