Obscure Couture by electric_dress in The Skinny! (And Vogue......)

This month, Scottish magazineThe Skinny published my interview with Jenn and Lyndsay of Obscure Couture fame. Super sweet and with an incredible aesthetic style, I was really pleased to get to interview them.... Above are two snaps from when I went clubbing with them during London Fashion Week. Below is some of their work as it recently appeared in British Vogue!

"Obscure Couture: Introverted Extroverts

Ten years on from their first meeting at Heriot Watt university, Scottish design duo Obscure Couture talk inspiration, fantasy and Old Firm-inspired fashion

"Jenn Coyle and Lyndsay Pagan of Obscure Couture are the kind of girls I, and possibly you, really want to be, but probably never will. Glamorous to an almost defiant degree, they have a ballsy sense of style, all loud prints and in-your-face accessories. They are also warm, witty and know how to party. The rhinestone studs of Glasgow’s cosy fashion micro-scene, they are the kind of chicks who light up a room upon arrival with a fizzy energy that is entirely their own. Fearless, independent and original, it’s the kind of cool that takes no prisoners.

The ethic that they live out in real life is more than reflected in their design. Clashing tartan, glitter and sweeping, dramatic shapes are all part of the nine to five of Obscure design that has won them nominations for the Scottish Fashion Awards two years running. Their work has been picked up by top stylists, such as those from the X Factor working with Little Mix and Amelia Lily, and more recently on Kreayshawn, Aggro Santos and Usain Bolt in FHM.

But apparently it didn’t start out all slick teamwork, and they too suffered pangs of something akin to insecurity. “We met  in 2002 in first year Heriot Watt Uni in Galashiels, for the first three days we kind of hated each other, eyeing each other with total suspicion and disdain,” explains Jenn. “Then one night I was out smoking and Lynds came out and asked me for share-sies. We bonded closely after, living in one tiny room in the halls together, and causing a two woman hell for everyone else for the next ten years.................”

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