What I Wore @ Blogger's Yard Sale

Jacket: Moto by Topshop
Tee: River Island
Dress: Dunnes
Sandals: River Island
Sunglasses: Hugo Boss
Cuff: River Island
Ring: Disney
Watch: Guess

As the above list so eloquently puts it, my wardrobe is essentially high street of the most banal kind (sometimes bought masquerading as "vintage") with a mere smattering of designer pieces, so I was pretty excited to attend the Blogger Yard Sale, hosted by a bunch of blog boys and girls wanting rid of some old bits and pieces. Not that I have much cash to my name, but I was excited to pick up some pieces hand selected by some of the best shoppers around, hopefully by brands that are even more out of my purse bracket than Topshop currently is.

Held in a back yard in North London, it was a pretty make-shift affair, but what it lacked in comfort, it more than certainly made up for in price. Who cares that you have to sit on the ground to try shoes on if it's Acne for less than forty quid? 

The participants were all really lovely, and were more or less offering for you to barter with them. My first stop was with the lovely Nathan from The Provoker who was helping out Park & Cube. I liked this grey satchel on their stall but I reckon from the way the strap is attached at the top it would be more than annoying to carry around when full. Bags are like that - you have to imagine them at their worst. Like heels that you can stand, sit, but do nothing else in -  I loved these Aldo wedges on Susie Bubble's table but they were almost impossible to get on due to their being a sample and not quite perfected design-wise. One day, when I am employing interns rather than being one, I will have the luxury of purchases I don't need to get full use of!

I wanted to get shoes and accessories more tho, and on Susie's table I got some sporty heels - I think reading up on the Olympics on the tube had infiltrated my brain! They're not the most practical, but they're fun. My mate Ailie turned up and we browsed Susie's designer rack, where she had Christopher Kane Ailie loved but was kinda outta price range. Ailie's also interning so also couldn't go wild, though she totally shoulda got these headphones. They are beasty.

Hedvig of the Northern Light had what I thought was the best line up. Lots of dark colours, a wee bit rock chick, right up my street. From her I got my fave purchase of the day - Acne wedges for thirty five pounds! Uh-maxing. I am not at all sure if I am gonna have enough to eat this summer, but they were too good to leave. I also got a lush Cos dress for a tenner from her bargain bin.

It was when I was heading back to look at a hat I'd spotted when I was talking to Nathan only to see Susie buying the very thing! She seemed pretty excited about it though, and after she told me she lost her own version of the very same in New York, so I didn't feel so bad - sometimes fashion fate brings things like that back to us, so I was pleased she got it, pangs of envy aside!

From there it was a few lucky finds. A see through black skirt from Susie's sister and Lust and Found lady, Louisa, although she was helping Susie, so that could have been her's too; welding goggles, fingerless gloves and an ear cuff from Charlie of Girl A La Mode and a rocky kinda tee from Susie again. My friend Lorna got a few great buys too including a blonde faux fur gilet from Hedwig - our purchases seemed to kinda have a colour theme each, which makes for nice photos! All in all not a bad haul, seems I'm well on my way to look less like a Matalan fan and more like the superbly styled Nathan. Keep up to date with Susie to get in on the next one! So far it's been annual, but there's rumour of an indoor one in winter.


  1. awww thanks including me in your kind words, this was a great post and nicely written and thanks for the link too. We hope to see you at the next yard sale, the winter one actually sounds really fun!

    If you wanted to know what went on at yesterday's UK Blogger Sales, check out my newest post.

    xx nathan.niche

    1. Yeah it does right!? yeah, I'll have to save my pennies for the next one! It was a really successful day, I hope Shini made lots of dollar and got rid of some excess fashion tat! xxxx

  2. amazing - would so have loved to have gone and although our style is pretty different I would definitely have been most excited about hedvig's steals too - there's something about that girl's style!

    ♥ ThankFifi

    1. Yeah it was brilliant! She is really nice too, they all were, was exciting to meet the faces behind the blogs! x