Candy Kittens A Levels Results PARDY

On Tuesday night, the girls at Bright Light invited me along with them to the launch of Jamie Laing's Candy Kittens store, their "A-Level Results" party. Situated on the King's Road in Chelsea, the general theme was Jack Wills meets E numbers and cane sugar; the offering was bright pink and sugary sweet, from the barely legal hostesses in Barbie-coloured uniform tees, the branded notebooks and pyjamas and the obligatory cupcakes-as-canap├ęs. Jamie was dashing about with vigour all nice, greeting guests and chatting to press, with his trademark glittering grin. 

We supped on kiwi vodka concoctions and checked out the little boutique. It is a romp for anyone who loves that whole heritage British thang, slebs, and of course, Made In Chelsea. There was a palpable oestrogen-fuelled delight from the under-21 girls in attendance, something they just might have been anticipating with the "Jamie's Bedroom" signage. Maybe it was whatever pink drugs were making those cupcakes so bright, but I did succumb to the urge to ask Spencer for a snap, #MadeInChelsea fan-style. Also spotted the lovely Danni from Fashion TV chatting to the Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model girls outside.....


  1. awww all that cute pink stuff! i want such a cupcake right now :)