What I Wore @ Primavera, Barcelona

Last night I got back from Barcelona, where I went to see Phil play with his band, Girls Names - here are some snaps of what I saw and wore. They played three times - at the Ray Ban tent, followed by an interview with Vice; on the Vice stage; and in the city centre on Sunday. In between times, we hung out in the VIP section, backstage or at the pool, only really hitting the town once band duties were done with on Sunday night. It was such an amazing weekend of sunshine and music and I can't wait to see them play London in a few weeks time!

Hitting a festival abroad rather than rainy Britain is definitely worth it if you want to dress to impress, because other than sunstroke, the weather won't challenge your wardrobe in quite the same way as back home. I chose to stick to Converse for maximum comfort but there were girls there breezing about in all manner of strappy sandals and the like! What's more, my ambition at any kind of music things is to DANCE not pose so flats and leggings/shorts are a fab combo to throw some mean shapes in. And to crown it all? A headdress from Fair Feathered Friend, of course. Natch.

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