electric_dress Lives East

After years of visiting the capital for Fashion Week and friendly visits, where I almost always had a smashing time, and always always yearned for the buzz and bustle after each time I left, I have finally moved in to the glorious, notorious East End.

It was last Fashion Week in February when I stayed with my friend Sara and she told me she's have a place in her flat up for grabs from June. We only met the previous year, when we made friends in the blogger queue and we got on like bears on fire, and had met up only on other time since, but as with all things in life, you can tell pretty quick when you're on the same wavelength as someone. Also, the flat is a tidy little number in a quiet area a mere stone's throw from Shoreditch and captial cool.

My first day was pretty busy - a PR internship interview over in West London (more on that later!!) signing flat papers and heading out to Beach Gallery in Shoreditch for a gallery opening. The first Thursday of every month is launch night in London's art scene. First stop, Beach in Shoreditch, where my pal Luke is interning. On offer was Tom Edwards Procession to Caute, a whimsical take on medieval iconography using cartoon cats.

A few people I know from Glasgow have already made the move to the capital, and I'm looking forward to seeing them all. Lorna and Jamina who studied with Luke at Glasgow School of Art came down and we had a lovely evening of catch-up, although all three of them deflected a photo op, having come straight from work! We left Luke to do his thang at Beach, grabbed the famous East End bagels and hit some more galleries before slicking off the night with a glass of wine at the Hoxton Grill.

My one lesson for the day? There's a reason for the relaxed London style, and I can't believe its taken me so long to get it. Fabulous as mega-inch platforms may be, they're like a chocolate fire guard for scurrying around the Big Smoke. I guess always visiting London as a one off, I put up with the impracticality for appearance's sake, but my is that a Small Town Girl error. Might have to go back to the plimsole store I spotted early on after all....