[Electric Dresser] Lesleighanne

Lesleighanne / Fashion photographer / Coppinger Row, Dublin
Street styling is something fairly new to me with Electric Dress, though I always wanted to make it a focus... Recently I vowed to try out some different techniques to the full body thing, and here is my first attempt. I met Lesleighanne Murray on my way to lunch yesterday - actually, when I met her she was obviously a bit of a hip young thing and I got a bit nervy and left her poor friend standing a bit left out! But she was very obliging and I like the results.

The outfit works because the colours in her outfit stick to a fairly strict palette, but I love the way she'd gone to town on texture, mixing natural, faux-natural and synthetic textiles, both vintage and modern all in on. The boots and bag worn in a different way could almost be minimal chic (perhaps with a blazer and jodhpur), but matched here with trashy fake Chanel ring, its a fabulous combination of extravagance and fun.

As photographer extraordinaire, she has her own funky little blog offering which you can check out here. Hopefully before I move to London I'll get to work with her myself.......

Coat: 9 Crow Street
Shirt: Penney's
Bag: Penney's
Ring: from Dublin
Leggings: American Apparel
Boots: H&M


  1. LOVE her boots and handbag. You've done a great job with your photography too. x

    1. Thank you! Yeah, she looks great, caught my eye straightaway! x