[Dublin] The Beeb film "Loving Miss Hatto" and I go to Yo!

Last Friday, outside my work at Helen McAlinden on South William Street, was a huge cherry picker with giant lights attached and vans filled with all kinds of equipment. I asked some of the prowling workmen what the story was and turns out the BBC were filming new drama "Loving Miss Hatto" across the street. Directed by Aisling Walsh, it is a €2 million venture with backing from the Irish Film Board focusing the story of Grace Hatto, a talented pianist seemingly discovered late in life, who was revealed posthumously as having had her success faked by her record producer husband. Shucks! Hope the costumes are good. Took these snaps on my way to lunch at Yo! for squid salad where I used my fake student ID to blag 15% off.

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