[Belfast] *Scheibe* | Part 3 of 3

*I don't speak German but I can if you like*

If we'd felt delicate on Saturday, Sunday was a whole new level of ill. Once I was home, we levelled our heads with some South Korean rice wine with cranberry juice, and watched Bridesmaids, a film every bit as good as the rave reviews. We chilled in the garden a bit, including finding some pretty berries which we refrained from tasting and some fresh mint, which was promptly picked to make tea.

Carl*s friend Phil was due to come round, and seizing an opportunity to look kewl like any good Dickhead would, we dolled up, me in my starry Zara jumpsuit, moon print top-as-turban and bindi makeup, Carl in the sequin top he was considering the night before and a slick of my black lipstick. Phil is a musician, playing in bands Girls Names and Charles Hurts, and he turned out to be a whole load of fun.

He once studied photography and so a few casual shots I was taking for this and general social networking purposes turned into a photo-shoot of multiple costume changes for all of us that began at about half 10 and wasn't over til half 3. In fact, we settled on that one of him in his fur hat as the look he should rock at Privavera this year, when he plays and will be getting me and Carl VIP entry to (here's to hoping it all wasn't just spur of the moment stuff!)

After that we were ready for a good boogie to the CDs I bought on Saturday and we polished off the whiskey, Martini and much rice wine in Carl*s cupboard before were were all very much ready for beddy and promptly collapsed into bed..........

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