[Electric Beauty] Benta Berry

"G-1 Moisturising Face Cream for Boys and Girls" (€16)
While in Paris, I came across this quirky little beauty brand, Benta Berry. Creating products for the younger market, they use 100% natural ingredients and tailor their wares to the needs of younger skin. They offer a range of cleansers, moisturisers and deodorants which work with the skin's needs, perfect for every day use, in "Regulating" and "Preventative" lines. They gave me a few products to try; the "Super Moisturising Face Cream for Girls" (€14) is wonderfully light and absorbs quick, even if like me you have fairly dry skin. It's fresh and fruity, with apple, prickly pear, strawberry, kiwi, kilgelia africana and macademia oil to nourish your skin through the day, and also contains special ingredient amiporine.

Rather like American Apparel, as well as specific girl and boy bits, Benta Berry have a neutral range that's good for both, with the gender specific ranges differing only in perfumes. I also tried the boys version of the "Super Moisturising Face Cream", with much the same effects but a more musky, masculine flavour. Although I would fall in the higher end of their target market age bracket, I still get the same skin hiccups I did as a teen, and the "G-1 Moisturising Face Cream for Boys and Girls" (€16) was soothing and smooth, tackling redness and blemishes. With white dead-nettle, jasmine, burdock and mandarin, it had a mattifying effect on my T-zone and left it feeling cleaner after just a few days use.

I was drawn to Benta Berry's funky packaging, all in black and white, with wordy bottles that are more or less uniform. This unfussy approach is matched with ad's that channel the iconic Gallic favourite, graphic novels. In aiming for the teenage and twenty-something market, the prices are affordable rather than luxe, and they promote through fresh faced young ambassadors around campuses in France. All in all a good find if you want something wholesome, fuss free and reliable to start each day.

Benta Berry is available online at their official site

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