[Dublin] Taking a Taste with David and Stefan

A blurry night photo but a good one!
The week before last was mad as usual, with a photo-shoot for Helen McAlinden scheduled for early on Saturday at the end of working shifts back to back in the office and shop. I had a last-minute night out mid-week too which left me exhausted, so when my friend David asked me to dinner on Friday night, I very nearly said no. But we never really get to hang out and shop manager Rebecca agreed I should see them when I could and she would be there on the day of the shoot, so I sucked it up and got ready to rock up  the next day slightly worse for wear.

I met David and Stefan at the Luas stop and it was so nice to see them again finally and catch up on all our news. We met when I interned last for Helen in summer 2010 and worked at House of Fraser with David, and they are both super fun, but we all have hectic lives and I don't get to see them much! They knew I had to work tomorrow so we planned a nice night in without too much craziness...

We went to their super slick urban apartment and I met their fishies Princess and Scar. David is a total foodie and documents his delights on his blog Take a Taste; he prepared us a wonderful meal of steak, asparagus, mushrooms and potatoes dauphinoise in his Cute check housewife apron. Swedish Stefan showed me the blogs he follows, apparently they are huge in Sweden, which means I guess that blogs have a huge mainstream appeal - gotta move me there! I have always loved Swedish taste. David, ever the perfectionist, was taking his time getting all the details right on the meal, while we amused ourselves setting up my LinkedIn profile for whom Stefan works, and in no time at all it was well past nine and Stefan and I were sloshed....

The meal was amazing - the steak was melt in the mouth, the asparagus tasty with the right amount of crunch, the potatoes creamy and lush, mushrooms succulent and juicy. There again, they say hunger is the best sauce! After, more wine flowed and before I knew it, Stefan was begging me to let him do my hair! He's a really talented wee hairstylist on the side; David had only gone to a real hairdresser for the first time in yonks that day and was looking super slick, but Stefan's long been wanting me to do my mane - and I still want him to turn me into a catwalk frizzball some day. However, there was the fundamental problem; my hair was three days past its wash-by-date! So? Stefan washed my hair! And then promptly blow dried it and curled it into a beautiful barnett.

Well, you can't waste a good hairstyle, not even with a photo-shoot to follow. At 2AM we headed out into town, fooling around with gin and some of the boys' mates in a Temple Bar haunt... I made it home and just about to the shoot, although the next day was pre-tty painful..... All in all an amazing night with two hella good friends. Photos courtesy of David; see his version of the nights events, complete with shots of his new hairstyle here.

Pretty Princess
Totally addicted to... bloggin!



Washing, bending and snapping!

The mere thought of leaving the next morning was fearful.....

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