Electric Hood by...... Chouchou Couture

Hollyhood Iput by Chouchou, £79.00

Hoods are something of a sartorial sore point. Famously banned by a certain shopping centre in the south of England for their popularity among trouble-making teens, the hooded figure became a symbol of civil disobedience across news channels at last summer's riots. Yet in fashion, it lives on. Indeed, there is something undeniably individualistic about a hood; a simple layer of fabric separating one from the world, a shelter in the storm, the right to see but not be seen. There again, everyone wants a bit of the good, clean, sporty action hoods also hold; and ever since a certain young woman wore hers in red, venturing into woods of wolves and sick grandmothers, hoods whisper a veiling of feminine grace. All in all, a fashion all-star.

Let me introduce you to Hollyhoods by Chouchou. Designed as stand-alone pieces, they can be added to an outfit for instant hooded effect, whether that's during the day on top of a jacket as an extra head layer, or for maximum statement style, with a top or dress as evening wear. Chouchou, a bespoke Glaswegian-Italian label designed by Sylvia Pellegrino, have made hoods something of a trademark. Iput, above, available on their online store, features a collar detail and long panels at the side, which means the hood sits well on the shoulders. In a gorgeous purple cotton jersey, it has square studs around the edge of the hood and on the lapels, and quirky braid detailing. Named after a close friend who wore one for her wedding, each hood is unique, thanks to Pellegrino's penchant for vintage fabrics that are usually in limited supply. You can also pick the fabrics and commission a piece by appointment. This further adds an eco-friendly, up-cycling edge to her work that means not only will your hood be totally unique, your ethical credentials will far outstrip the average "hoodie".

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