Electric Loves.... 212 by Azealia Banks

Photo: necolebitchie.com
Ooohh yeeaahh.... You know when a beat packs so much you just can't stop playing it over and over? With lyrics so feisty you swagger around in private acting like the Big Girl? When it makes you feel like a superstar yourself? Fast-paced and raunchy, 212 by Azealia Banks is case in point, and we've been playing it non-stop for weeks. With low-key video that's never made us need a Mickey Mouse jumper so bad, not to mention that sweet-ass way of wearing creepers, this has some seriously bad grrl, take-no-prisoner lyrics (personal high: "I guess that cunt gettin' eatin'"). Banks has some serious, 18 carat, diamond-in-the-rough star quality. More, please.

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