Electric Dresser... Skulls and Leather

Yulei / 29 / Student /  Wicklow Street, Dublin

Yulei's simple style and fresh face is reminiscent of Paris girls, a world away from Dublin's typical glamazons. The quilting on her bag and jacket link together a biker-off-duty look, while the cat's eye spec's gives things a super feminine twist.

Jacket: All Saints
Scarf: 360 Cashmere
Bag: Chanel
Pants: Dr Denim
Shoes: Carvela
Glasses: Zara
Ring: Tod's


  1. did i just see rena use the word "pants" for "trousers" ?! *sharpintakeofbreatheandshockedface*

  2. That's right! It's one of the few American English words in my lexicon :)