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The lovely Bradley Chippington took these Tommy Ton-style pictures of me at London Fashion Week.  The light was lovely that day and the pretty townhouses around the Stand area make the a great backdrop for this kind of shot. He is an awesome up-and-coming photographer who I met during the week, check out his work here. He has some brilliant shots that make up the kind of people watching experience you get at fashion week, and I notice he was outside the Topshop space in Bloomsbury Square last season, a spot I also got to enjoy with great photographic results.

This was probably my most outlandish outfit I wore during the week, a snakeskin print jumpsuit with leopard coat. In previous years, London Fashion Week has always been a bit of an opportunity to dazzle, get decked out in some crazy ensemble I'd never dare wear normally.

I remember one get up when I first ever came to fashion week aged 19 with no show invites and just a whole bunch of attitude - I wore zebra print leggings and a matching body with my peroxide mane and hi-top Nikes in black, white and pink. I remember getting spotted to model or something, before they worked out if I was living in Paris there wasn't a whole lot I could do! Still, made my day, natch.

Anyway, fast forward a few years and fashion week is awash with fashion bloggers posing for the cameras and blagging into shows. Ugh! My turf has been invaded. Don't get me wrong, fair play. But it hasn't taken me long working in the industry to work out that anyone who's anyone dresses with style, not fashion; that its the albeit super-brave art school kids who come in with homemade costumes. I am not downing them at all - they look amazing and are one of the most entertaining aspects of the week. But in the interests of being taken seriously in networking during the week, I have got pretty sleek in my old age, and pared it down something shocking.

So back to this outfit: I mixed up my animal prints but otherwise kept the colour palette hella tight. The cosy scarf is the softest mohair, from my friends in South Africa, Heritage Weavers. Those shoes are the perfect height for strutting without being too uncomfortable. Another fashion myth is that you have to wear heels all the time. Again, it's a take or leave it thing, but there's definitely a faction of the fashion massive who eschew the heels-as-gospel thing and look awesome everyday in flats. Those girls are usually the ones who can make any old men's jumper look cool too, I like to think I'm in that gang.

Sunglasses and jumpsuit: Topshop
Scarf: Heritage Weavers
Coat: Lovingly handed down from my auntie Maeve
Jacket (just seen): H&M
Ring: YSL on Net-a-Porter
Shoes: Acne
Bag: Spitalfields Market

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