Monday Moodboard | Georgia May Jagger for H&M Spring 2013

If ever a single campaign made me want to eject all colour from my wardrobe and banish black forever, this is it. The rock and roll vibe in pristine white is almost too tight, and that it comes from uber-affordable H&M is all the better. I just need to work out what to get first but skinny jeans, pointed ankle boots and leather gilets never looked better than in this pristine shade. If I ever get married, I want to wear the exact outfit Georgia May Jagger has on below, I kid you not.

There's something about Georgia May Jagger as a model that has always slightly irritated me, and I can never quite put my finger on it, something too much about her gap teeth, especially when styled with a bright lip. Those Rimmel ads, I hear you say? Yes, those. But I dunno if its the natural shading, the beehive hair or what, but it works. Better still, this rock royalty brat is lounging around lustfully in what looks to be some very plush interior with musical instruments -that are also in white!  Oh, simple things, for simple minds, people.