Fond Farewells, New Beginnings | Tatty Devine "Rena" Style

6 months ago I landed a paid internship at one of the best fashion companies in Britain. Scratch that, the world. My contract stipulated that I couldn't breathe a word on social media nor my blog, so I haven't gone on about it much, but safe to say it's an online luxury juggernaut, and is literally gold dust on my CV. As retail experience goes, it doesn't get any better than that.

The most amazing thing was not the work I did every day, although hell, it was a massive turn on to be handling the most exquisite, coveted fashion pieces on a daily basis. The real thrill was seeing how it all operated... and, of course, the people I met too.

Cliche as it sounds, there' a reason they say great places are the people that make it so, whoever "they" are... During my time at said workplace, I met some truly inspiring, intelligent, hard-working people who have put in some real graft to get to where they are right now. We only get one chance at this gig we call life, and that I want to be among the best of them, too.

The sweethearts that they are, they couldn't have got me a better leaving present: a Tatty Devine necklace with my name on it!!! I was so thrilled, it's the perfect memento to 6 awesome months of hard work and even harder play (this company also nails it in terms of perks) - but that job has definitely taught me you can expect the best in life if you give the best. But while the people in that job were the best, the worst part is I'm gonna miss them something shockin'!

I had lunch with the girls on my immediate team who are all super cute and stylish peeps, then it was on to the train back home for my cousin's party up in Newcastle... Thank the stars I had something to take my mind off things, that would have been one depressing Friday night if not!

Next up: a Fashion and Lifestyle Journalism course at the London College of Fashion. Now that, I can talk about to my heart's content, so watch this space. It's time to start pursuing the dream people...

"You can only build as high as your foundations run deep"

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