Underground Store Opening @ Berwick Street, Soho

This week I went to the opening of the Underground shop in East London. Billed as being on from 2 til 8, we arrived after work at around quarter to 7 and there was already a pretty swinging party going on inside nd the bouncer was operating a one-in-one-out policy. The two girls DJing were totally going for it, playing some old skool rock choons, the kind we were emo kids to about ten years ago. 

When we did make it in, armed with appropriately rocky sounding named Pistonhead tins of beer, we checked out the offer. Underground creepers have been enjoying a spotlight moment in recent times, including collab's with Mugler, b Store, Ashish and Sibling, and the new store is a slick act. I loved the ironically indvidualist brand stickers. As well as the classic styles in a range of colours and textures, there's some newer styles of wedges that look to take off with that kind of girl, especially given the max comfort factor wedges guarantee.

After, we went and checked out some art work in a random gallery and on to The Book Club where they were playing some seriously passé R'n'B - I haven't eard Mya's Case of the Ex beyond my own Spotify in years. If I'm learning anything about living East, it's listening to really cheesy music but not acting like you're enjoying it too much. It's almost like soundtracks are a way to exercise the hipster etiquette of being so wrong its right, and definitely not bothered what people think.

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