Slave Magazine Issue 6

I'm so proud to be part of the Slave Magazine family - this week marks my third publication with the magazine. A slick and stylish online magazine, I met the photographer-editors when it was all still based in Edinburgh, but they have since moved to London town, and with stunning results. They open this one with a shoot with one of the most exciting models of the moment, Zombie Boy of Mugler/Gaga fame. They asked me to do something on up and coming designers in London right now. Click here to read the mag in full, and see page 42 to read my article.

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  1. What i liked most about this article is how much of it chimed with the state of the creative side of the construction industry (architecture, structural engineering) where a lot of the same issues are faced. So important to keep recognising and rewarding genuine creative talent throughout 'UK plc'.