Charles Hurts @ the Menagerie, Belfast

Recent weekends have been split between Dublin and Belfast, spending time with my pal from uni Carl and new music man-friend Phil. I even did a double whammy, spending Friday night in the 'Fast and coming down Saturday to the Irish capital. All to see Phil on stage with Charles Hurts, the two man ensemble he fronts. The Menagerie is a great wee gig space in Belfast and there was a few bands on that night following C'Hurts. The lovely Gemma and Kim sang backing vocals on a few tracks; I danced with Carl and Hannah and we took snaps on her retro disposable camera like the Dickheadz we be.


  1. My thousand-yard stare is freaking me the fuck out. C'Hurts and the Hurtsettes were phenomenal, though, of course.

    1. they were brilliant! we were awesome dancers n aw xxx