London Fashion Week: Dos and Don'ts

While posting about my own adventures of London Fashion Week AW 2012, I  here offer a guide to surviving the week, in the form of a "do and don't" list. As a blogger, the view-point is really that, and getting through it as a buyer or model - I'm afraid I can't help there. But what I can say is that for anyone, plenty of sleep, a decent camera and "yes we can!" attitude is key. These probably say more about what I've got wrong in the past, but no matter - happy reading!

DO apply in good time

The early bird catches the worm, whether its emailing PR's for tickets or rocking up to shows uninvited to request a standing place

DON'T feel obliged to dress beyond comfort
Ladies, while some fash pack members make a macho statement of wearing the highest, skinniest heels, flats are totally cool. Wedges are undeniably more comfortable, but with the cobbled courtyard of Somerset House to negotiate, as well as long stands in the queues to shows, it is never mandatory to end the day with burning feet. And while some people dress to kill, always go with your own sense of style at its best.

DO plan to work on the move
From a memory stick with extensive storage to offload pictures from your camera to the means to write up on the go, it is essential to come prepared. Make use of press lounges, but note they do get busy. A must for all is a pocket notebook to note names, faces and places or, better still, keep a diary of your adventures.

DON'T miss the opportunity for a photo
It's so easy to get caught up in the here and now and forget to take photos, and you'll need illustration if you want to talk about things later - and people are more willing than you think for an impromptu photo shoot. Then again, I have long given up spending the whole of a catwalk show watching through the tiny screen of my camera, when you can easily find show shots online later. Use your head ad strike the right balance between obsessive documentation and enjoying the moment.

DO plan your outfits with military precision
Unless London happens to be where you live, packing intelligently is a must. Scheduling outfits, complete with accessories, is a wise move, and you don't have to change style or colour way everyday. Also make room for goody bag wares and the tonnage of paraphinalia, be it press releases, free quirky magazines and inspired buys from the week.

DON'T do the bitchy thing
People in fashion are way more diverse and interesting than their stereotype suggests. Smile, chat, be yourself, and you never who might let you squeeze in beyond capacity today, or email you for work tomorrow

DO business card it sensibly
While bringing your own card might seem like a no-brainer, its easy to lose track of the cards you pick up yourself. Keep a pen handy- no one will mind you making a few notes on theirs before u stow it, and devise a system to store them in categories in your hand luggage.

DON'T get weighed down.
You won't necessarily have time to top up your makeup or read yesterdays show literature so why bring it? With space a tight squeeze so often, there's nothing worse than being that person who's bashing everyone with their bag.

DO book a blow dry early
Toni & Guy and MAC offer complimentary services to London Fashion Week registrees, so pop in at the start of your week to get the full benefit.

And finally...
DO be confident.
A ruthless environment at the best of times, no one at fashion week will take pity on you for being a nobody; everyone will make space for you if they think you're important. Without being rude, an impressive demeanour and good dose of self-conviction gets you a long way.