[London] Fashion Week Day 3 Analogue Style

FRow at House of Evolution
I present the pictures from the Sunday of London Fashion Week, which I only got round to bringing for development this week! I tell you, I'll have to get my act together if I'm serious about using an analogue camera full time... Still, they're well worth the wait, non? These are my pictures from the House of Evolution catwalk show, including designers Nadine Merabi and Zeynep Tosun, the trip to the Prince of Wales pub with Danielle, Lorraine and James, and finally the Pam Hogg show. Of course, I already posted about this with digital photos; see daytime and night-time ventures for another perspective....

Nadine Merabi
Zeynep Tosun
Danielle perks up with a much-needed G & T
Danielle, James and Lorraine
Pam Hogg
Pam Hogg

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