Fashion Week Diary Day 3 | Part Two of Two

Alexandra Burke checks out the muff costume
At the Prince of Wales, Danielle, James and Lorraine could hardly face the thought of another drink after their Soho outing the night before, but being of good Celtic stock, they gave made a good go of it. All of a sudden it was time to head back for the very exciting Pam Hogg show, so we finished up and joined the shorter of two queues. Sara had arrived with two mates, so we huddles like penguins against the bitter cold and long, long wait as slebs made arrivals. Alexandra Burke was seen being herded in, looking as beautiful and radiant as usual: Tallulah Adeyemi arrived with some dude James recognised from the Scottish Style awards, while Janice Dickinson looked pretty spaced by the pap flashes.

Despite a long wait, we made it in and grabbed spaces on the tiny ledge that runs around the sides of the downstairs Freemasons Hall showspace, an excellent place to squeeze in when its crowded, giving you unparralleled views of crowd and catwalk. Running ever so fashionably behind schedule, the show began to a sawing, country and western-gone-mad soundtrack, matching the sexually charged Little House On The Prairie-on-coke feel to the collection. It was sumptuously mad and erotic, and Hogg got a rousing cheer and standing ovation at the end. Read my full show review here.

As the lights went up, it was clear the energy was still very much high in the room and people wanted to hang around. However, a girl just next to us in the sound and lighting booth made the announcement that they only had half an hour to clear the building; I overheard her discussing the fine they would be liable for if they didn't do this with a porter. She asked everyone interested in the after party at Scotch to come and give her their names, so we got right in there. I even lent her a pen, and after Kate Nash's PR had come and got her client on the list, "Rena Smith +6" was added, to include the entourage and also my twin Niall who we were meeting me later on.

First we needed a toilet stop. Vauxhall Fashion Scout was closing, so we made a bee-line for the O'Niell's pub across the road. Sara's two friends went home, but in the pub, I made friends with two lovely girls, Sim, an events coordinator with KISS FM and Jade, winner of Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model. They were super friendly and fun, and with two spare places on the guest list, we headed to the Pam Hogg knees-up.

James had some pals to see in a Covent Garden pub, so we stopped off for half price cocktails and a spot of bar food - having munched on nought but fashion week freebies that day, I had some much needed prawn protein. Sim got us all giggling with her brilliant accent impressions - Belfast, Geordie, Liverpool, she could do 'em all. We settled for Californian in the end and like when James was like done saying hey to his friends we like totally made a move for Scotch.

Not that the journey was a straight one - first Simran did an impromptu duet with a busker (check the video here) before we picked up Niall at Leicester Square. Scotch was down a hidden lane behind Fortnum & Mason, and after a bit of confusion, our names were located on the list. Once inside, we availed ourselves of the free cocktails and I offloaded my baggage with a huge sigh of relief in the cloakroom.

Scotch is such a great little bar; with dark wood and tartan carpet interior. Danielle was in ecstasy over the sparkly salamander print wallpaper on the stairs. Niall, a barman himself, was wowed by the skill and professionalism of the bar staff, whom he pointed out worked so efficiently they spent all their time rooted to one spot. Upstairs felt like a tiny, cosy, traditional pub, while downstairs had a dancefloor and seating in booths. Like many of these exclusive joint, photographs weren't allowed, so you'll have to use a bit of imagination.

I spoke to a super-stylish girl who had had a bit of trouble getting in. Her name is Ailie, and not only is she from Glasgow, we later found out we had 27 mutual friends on Facebook. She also knew a whole bunch of people James knew and I spotted her later in the week at Somerset House as well as on Les Garcons de Glasgow blog. Pam Hogg herself arrived and I tried to tell her how much I loved the show but she yelled "Darling, I can't hear you and I haven't sat down for three days, so thank you, but I'm going to find a seat". Apparently that's pretty good going for her.

We heard rumours of Janice Dickinson making a solo performance on the dancefloor, and after chatting for a while with a lovely wee German editor called Andreas, we went downstairs. The tunes were really cool and sometimes you just fancy a good old boogie, so although at this stage most people were too bus lounging around looking cool, Sara, Niall and I started throwing some shapes with conviction.

Being the first to dance is a habit of my parents I used to find excruciating to watch, but if you're having a good time, its a luxury to have the dancefloor to yourself. Also, the DJ played the batman tune, which had the three of us in stitches. After about 45 minutes of tune after tune (the soundtrack was kind of retro cool - the Rolling Stones, the Clash et al) Janice Dickinson reappeared - and my, was she loving us on the dancefloor. She got down and dirty with Sara before going in for a good old grind with Niall and lifting her shirt. And, as if by magic, the too-cool-for-school fash pack decided dancing was cool. The dancefloor filled and remained kicking for the rest of the night. One of Janice's minders must have pulled her to one side because she was then on the sidelines with her head in her hands gazing at Niall's mad ass moves.

The rest of the night involved a lot of dancing and slurping up the free cocktails. Upstairs at the bar, we also got things going, and got chatting to Catrina, a Dane who works in Cos in Covent Garden, as well as Nick, producer for 55factory, who filmed Sara and I with exec Chris last year. Outside, we made friends with a really nice model called Ricki, who told us funny stories about his life as a mechanic before modelling and showed us his crazy tattoos that included dinosaurs and icecreams. Niall started pulling some chick so me and Sara kept the dancefloor going, for some reason pretending to be bears doing things like playing the flute and tennis. I literally nearly wet myself many times.

With the cocktails gone, we hit the tap water (dancing like maniacs sure is thirsty work) and by the time the tunes finished, we were all but sober. The DJ agreed to play one more tune and seemed to be big fans of us and our dancing talent, unusually doing our request for Batman, and coming out from behind his perch to dance with us. He played a few more upbeat numbers and then it was time for us to make a move, but not before we all thanked each other for the excellent team work on the disco department.

Niall had to lose the newfound ladylove to take care of us; having a tee total brother who drives is one damn lucky thing and he'd arranged to drive us all home to Sara's flat, who herself had set things up for him to stay over. I felt bad asking him to kiss goodbye, but on the whole I was really glad he'd came and enjoyed himself. Niall wouldn't enjoy a fashion show too much, but it's ages since we had a good dance together.We got home and crashed into bed, albeit sober as judges, very tired but very happy.

Designer and models take a bow

With my twin brother Niall
Even the toilets were cool
The Dance Crew. Sara thought people would assume we were hired entertainment. Why wouldn't they!?

Nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh BAT-MAN!!!!!!

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