[Electric Dress] Flatform Sandals @ Cos

Wedge Sandal, €99 @ cosstores.com
It's that time of year again. Spring, people. You want to look fresh, but those winter blues, or rather greys, blacks and browns currently dominating your wardrobe, aren't doing nothing for you. You want to rock the pages of all the summer shoots you've seen, but the pin thin stilettos somehow aren't going to get on well with sipping G&T in the park or strolling around the city in the new-found evening sunlight. Cos has the answer - these flatforms in bright white are comfy and totally now, and no lawn or cobbled street will stop you in these bad boys. Perfect for werquing the sporty, Olympic-inspired trends, with clean modern lines, they're also not so statement that you can't use them to good effect with a fruity fifties or pastel look either. Roll on the sunshine! Did someone say gin and tonic? Also available in dark blue.

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