[Dublin] Cafe en Seine, Dawson Street

Every city has its nooks and crannies where the cool kidz hang out, the bars are more concept than drink hole and a night out won't break the bank. I had been recommended Cafe en Seine by my friend Carl, so when Caroline took me there after our last rendez-vous at Foam, I knew I was in for a treat. Walking through the door, this is clearly a joint where they care about the look, feel and mood of a place beyond creature comfort. With the decor of an old world Paris bar, the sumptuous art deco inside brings you back instantly to the days of the early twentieth century. We refrained from downing absinthe, however, and weeping about the romantic ideals of life, and instead got us some gorgeous cocktails - vodka mojito in my case - that rang in at a reasonable €5 each, the deal Sunday to Thursday. It's a classy joint I'll definitley be returning to; it would be a great place to start a night out in town, or to settle in to make an evening of it for a celebration.

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