[Paris] The Latin Quarter

Harley and Jamie
After street-style-snapping, Amélie and I called it a day; the Silencio wildness of the night before was taking its toll on my energy and I was beginning to regret the enthusiasm with which I'd been necking those cucumber cocktails. After going home for a quick bite to eat, I went for a very relaxed shisha pipe and glass of wine with Jamie and his girlfriend Harley in the Latin Quarter, where we talked language barriers and politics.

Being a jet setting model with little time and much to do in foreign cities, Jamie's take on language learning differed from mine, who have spent most of my life bending my head around conjugation. While I can see how it must be frustrating to find English is in fact, not the universal language the Brits find it is at the holiday resorts on the Costa del Sol, it made me appreciate how a job that requires the amount of travel Jamie's does really is a poisoned chalice. All of the air miles and none of the time to appreciate cultural difference. Anyway, I really enjoyed seeing him in fashion week context and I really hope he gets to do even bigger and better things, even than now. What's more, Harley was in town to shoot for one of my favourite rag mags, Citizen K, and she gave me the low-down on the mad hatter that is Kappauf!

Next morning, au revoir Paris. I caught the RER out to Villepinte and was working for the next five days as translator for Irish company Foxford at Maison et Objet design fair. I did schlep back in to see Jessie One More Time at Claire's flat, but was so exhausted we just chilled at the flat with a bottle of wine. If there's only one place I could live for the rest of my life, it has to be the beautiful city of Paris...
Jamie and me

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