Electric Goes... My Mugler Menswear AW2012 After-Party

A typical fashion bird of paradise getting interviewed in Mugler heels.
After the Mugler show ended, I was hanging out snapping well dressed fashion fans and ended up making friends with a super-friendly model RJ and his pal photograper Damon Baker. Maybe it was the post-show-buzz or perhaps he's the most friendly person you can meet after a show - anyway, I mentioned how I know Jamie and he was thrilled to meet someone who Jamie had gone to school with. RJ invited me along to La Perle for a few with Damon. That's the bar Galliano was arrested, and we were joined by the Mugler girls Sophie and Lucile, where we munched on chartuerie, cheese and very naughty French bread.

It was super fun listening to the guys spill about what its like working on the top jobs, and the work they showed me proved they both have serious credentials and talent. Later still, more people came, including a total icon of mine, Andrei Pejic. I was massively star struck but resisted telling him so because the wine was flowing and the last thing I wanted was everyone finding out what a total square I am!

More joined - a friend of the girls Eleanor from Australia and her mate Cristina, plus some French banker dude who seemed to be trying to get in with the laydeez. Those who'd been working that night like the models and design assistants headed for bed, but when the other three said they were off to Silencio, I knew I wasn't ready for the hay yet!

The French guy was clearly a regular and we were swept in immediately. The inside of the place was incredible but photos were strictly forbidden. I managed to sneak a few in - it is much like the Arches in Glasgow, only on a minute scale; a basement location where the tunnel-like arches stretching across the venue form cosy little rooms.

The cocktails were gorgeous - especially the cucumber/gin one where they actually took and mashed some cucumbers and strained them in. We hit the dance floor for a while, then I relaxed in a chill out space complete with art books for your perusal. The toilet area is even worth a mention - down the centre of the tunnel space, a long trough-like basin and a floating shelf above with taps which meant one sink could be used from both sides. The only light was from small but very bright lights encircling the round mirrors - all very slick and totally gorgeous to look at. Thank God I didn't have much make-up with me or I would have spent the rest of the night taking advantage of the premium lighting conditions!

Back in the lounge, I took my notebook out at one point to jot a few things down at which point, a lovely fellow exclaimed, "Oh my God, you keep a journal!? That's amazing!" and promptly offered to sketch me! His friend, a chick with blue hair, was aghast at his attempt, and so did her own - they were such a sweet pair! He was super interesting too - an American in Paris who happens to own a castle in Co. Louth, Castle Bellingham! He suggested we go there, seeing as I'm in Dublin, and I sure hope he makes good his promise - although he was immediately like "I'm gay by the way! This isn't a really sleazy chat-up line." What. A. Cutie.

The only thing I didn't love to bits was the smoking room, a feature of French clubs that means, rather than an albeit cold but fresh air space outside to enjoy a smoke, you are cramped into a disgusting room within the joint to exchange second- and third-hand smoke with other clubbers and the furniture. They are gross; and while you put up with it on the night, they sure make the hangover worse, if only for the sheer memory of that smell.

At 4AM we all jumped in cabs home, apart from Cristina who partied on. She clearly hadn't spent enough time in the smoking pit.

Damon in fetish versus Sophie in Celine
Girls from the Mugler Atelier
Andrej and RJ
RJ and his model mate
Three smouldering boyz are we
Andreij and Damon

Andrej and I
A sneak shot from inside Silencio

Key to not getting noticed was turning the flash off but that obviously has its downsides......
The cuteness!

Through his eyes.......

.......and her's


  1. love love love. but hate hate hate you. ;) xx

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    1. Haha! Thanks! Was such an amazing night, looking forward to more in London!