Aztec Style | Warehouse

A few weeks back, the lovely team at Warehouse invited me to take part in their blogger series, Postcards From Shoreditch. After meeting the team at their store near Bank in east London, we went wandering in Shoreditch to find a spot to show off the threads. I selected this amazing print suit - the Black Ikat Jacket is structured but not too boxy - the slightly longer length is much better for my frame! I love print, but deciding to go all out with the matching Ikat Skirt was a bold move. I like to think it works because of the muted, monochrome palette. To tie in, their Faux Snake Pouch Clutch in white was a winner - and since, it has proved the greatest single update to my summer wardrobe! Thanks to Rhian and the team for the fabulous day werking my best angles.


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