Sinstar Pop-up, Boxpark, Shoreditch | Spring Summer 2013

Freshly opened in Boxpark pop-up mall in Shoreditch, the new flagship for Essex brand Sin Star offers a range of graphic tees and funky separates where the rock kid look meets a sportier, summer vibe. Founded in 2010 and grown into big name on ASOS as well as a hit with independents, the brand started off doing printed tee shirt but has expanded into a full range for the modern lad's lifestyle. I caught up with designers Sam Bell and Ryan Stipe to chat about the new range.

"It’s about having a good time; it’s about not regretting stuff," says Sam. "It’s quite a rock n roll look; it’s about music, really. That’s where all of this comes from; music.Originally the pair started out as musicians, playing together in band, and that is what informs their design process. Leather jackets and denim are also key. 

Though they are intended for boys, girls could easily nick a Sin Star tee or two from their better half's wardrobe, or indeed pick up one for themselves. "It’s a lot of acid washes, really bright colours and some really dark stuff, which I really like," said Sam. "It's basically just sort of get the party vibe out there." 

I love the saucy glamour model prints. For Sam, it made perfect sense. "Yeah, these are amazing, we worked with an artist who works up front, and we just made a few adjustments, and to be honest, they’re a match made in heaven; they are like a rock n roll magazine." 

With the cheeky girls and funny animal face prints, there is definitely a sense of humour to it all that shows these boys aren't about to take themselves too seriously. "We know people like to buy the more fun stuff as well, I like the more serious, graphic designs, in terms of what they say; Ryan has fun with stuff and he designed the Panda Party one which is amazing." 

On the back of the Boxpark exposure, the boys have big plans for this year, and sunshine and parties seems a good head space to begin. "I’m looking forward to doing a pop up shop in LA", Ryan says. "We’re also just looking forward to giving our customers online and out customers that like our brand, like the lifestyle behind it, because that’s what I would want, if I supported a brand." 

Check out the Sin Star pop up shop at Boxpark, Shoreditch High Street, open until aprox. 9th June, 2013.

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