Q&A: Sass and Bide Autumn Winter 2013 | London Fashion Week

Sass and Bide showed a cool, contemporary collection for Autumn Winter 2013-14. Titled "Wintergate", the collection featured strong shoulders and flowing lengths that are typical of the easy glamour of the Australian brand. I loved the use of bright yellow against the monochrome and the embellished dresses and knitwear. Backstage, I caught up with Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton to talk about the show and future plans for the brand.

Can you tell us a bit about the concept of the collection?
"It was really just a study of the internal mechanics of manmade structures, so we, the design team, spent a couple of weeks scouring the city for particularly manmade objects but also took them apart but rebuilt them. It was really just a study of the process of building things, so we quite wanted to centralise that and add the woman and the beauty to that rather sterile, clinical process. In some of the pieces, it was more obvious than others, it was a bit more subliminal; that’s it in a nutshell.

What’s the plan for 2013 for Sass and Bide?
We’re really just trying to open this New York store, we talked about it last season but we’re just sort of looking for the right space, so that’s something that’s always on the forefront of our plans, and just the online – shipping is now global, we’re opening up in most markets – but the store is the one we’re I’m
sort of pushing for, because I’m looking forward to opening some stroes in the Northern hemisphere.

What is your soundtrack to 2013?
The “Crunk It” song that opened the show, that is our soundtrack!

Thanks, girls!

Check out the video below for highlights from Sass and Bide's official You Tube Channel

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