What I Wore | Topshop Galaxy Pants

Necklace: Tatty Devine / Jacket: H&M / Top: Penneys / Pants: Topshop / Boots: Office

It's one thing to be looking for an exact item. Quite another to find it in the sale in your size. Such moments are shopping gold. A while ago, I bought this inexpensive peplum top from Penney's, the Primark in Ireland. Peplums were the hottest thing at the time, and I went for the bright turquoise colour, eschewing the easier option of black. It was cheap as chips, and I was thrilled to have bagged a major trend for a tiny price. So far so good. But time went on and the top remained all but unworn. Was it the colour? Was the peplum a harder trend than I thought to work? Who knows.

I also bought a gorgeous bright lime top from H&M a while ago, and it was slowly making its way over to join the turquoise peplum in the unworn-and-forgotten items gathering dust at the back of the wardrobe. There, too, was a bright purple Barbour shirt I'd picked up for next to nothing at the factory outlet. What was going on? The only trend worth talking about was the unused brightly coloured tops of Rena Niamh Smith. Time for radical action.

It was fairly obvious a decent print pant or skirt would clear matters up, but what print? It would have to match all those colours, which seemed a tall order. And at what price? To be sure, getting even more clothes is great as well we know, but buying one thing because you have already wasted money on another will prove flawed logic if that thing proves just as much a burden.

Imagine my delight, then, when wandering amidst the shrapnel of Topshop's sale after maybe the third round of deductions one afternoon in Westfield Shepherd's Bush I came across these banging galaxy print pants. Yes, yes, yes! Star trend! Pants! 55% off! Not only have they released a new lease of life into all the above mentioned tops, they are also right on for werking metallic, futuristic look for Spring of all things space. I love matching them with a sharp shoulder and these starry studded Office boots for extra swagger. Happy, happy days.

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