#LFW I love you

Another season is upon us; as the dawn breaks over London, I contemplate the prospect of getting up and out into the fresh city for the thrill of the week. The parties, the people, but most of all the clothes, who knows what this year will bring but safe to say it'll be hella tight. Life is a game, and I'm here to win it - it's fizzly events like LFW where the magic happens and people of all interests come together and share something special, getting inspired for the season ahead, so watch this space!

For updates through the week, follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, as well as the blog, natch. I'm also there corresponding for Slave Magazine and for Notion Magazine, so keep an eye on those too!  If I have come across you at the week and you're stopping by to say hi, welcome welcome *bows* Hope you have a successful week, long may we all continue.

And to one and all, have a wunnerful weekend wherever you may be... Keep it electric!

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