London Collections: Sibling Autumn Winter 2013

So tonight I toddled down after work to check out the delights on offer at the London Collections menswear shows. First up, Sibling, in the vaults of the Hospital Club. Setting the tone at the end of the runway were these immortal words:

What could it mean? A floral suicide note, the ultimate hipster death slogan? Who knows. The jumper featuring the same words earned the witty tweet from GQ magazine "Well we've found our next Christmas jumper..." Ho ho, indeed. I loved the layering of knits upon giant knits, and the navy and baby pink was a cute combination. The silhouettes created by the snoods were of epic proportions, made me wonder why I ever thought one scarf was enough. I loved Charlie Porter's idea that there's a difference between fashion and style for men, which inevitably moderates how many new ideas filter down to street level (and this falls more into the fashion bracket for sure) but to see it on those delicious models is half of believing it. I mean, mittens or no, you gotta say this collection got swagger. 

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