Tim Walker @ Somerset House

Despite words bandied about, there are very few who truly embody fantasy in fashion. The late Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow before him were such visionaries. Time Walker falls into that category too, and his retrospective at Somerset House is well worth a peek. I sneakily snapped some of the photos but to be honest, if you are in the capital, get yo'self down. It's free n aw.

The fairytale fantasy theme in Walker's work is immediately obvious, and favourite shots of mine included the pink ball gowns in a mythical garden (Northumberland, actually) or the giant owl, giantly cute with it. However, the innocence had a thread of sado-masochism behind it, such as the interplay between crawling tin soldier, booted china doll and aiming solider shadow. Punctuated by quotes from the master himself and props from the photographs themselves, it is an adventure in fashion's wonderland.

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