Hellohellohello!!!! My my my, it has been a long time, hasn't it? Between commencing a new, very exciting but somewhat demanding job in actual fashion and my ancient laptop of many years finally going to the happy laptop heaven in the sky, my blog has taken such a back burner recently the flames almost went out. However! I am all up and running now - had a word with that old fellow Santa and seems these days the old boy has started to do early deliveries - must be the recession! Got me a spankin' new Mac book didn't I? No wonder people who have them bang on about them so much, bloody beautiful they are!

Anyway, I am long overdue updating you all on my latest exploits in Slave magazine! You can read the whole issue here. Basically, did an interview with the lovely band Frank's Daughter, as well as a full length feature-oo on London Fashion Week! Enjoy!

And just for funzies, some inspo - the latest gender bending from my fave RnB starlet Cassie with Nicki Minaj - nowt like some bubblegum pop to provide some technicolor exploration in styling. Undercut, what?

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