Happy Hallowe'en!

Hallowe'en has to hold a special place in the hearts of fashionistas over other festivities - it's all about the attire, and especially ex-goth kidz like me. Plus, it's a Celtic pagan festival, so I have a patriotic kind of soft spot for it - anyway, this year is so far so spookily good! First up, I baked some wicked dark chocolate and carrot cup cakes, with melted chocolate and pumpkins fashioned from carrots on top, substituting vegetable oil for walnut oil in the recipe for extra nutty yumminess. Then it was party time with my good friend Mui and my Glasgow Art School pals. 

Photo: Mui Kam

Mui went as a pirate, and we both just did little balck dresses with DMs and then accessorised to the maxxx. The costume I can proudly say was all stuff I already owned, a winner in my book as I don't believe in spending too much on these things - get too ambitious and the bill all adds up! I wore my Fair Feathered Friend headdress, which is actually getting a wee bit tatty and needs replacing, but it was dead on for the job, also shell beads from H&M, and the rest was all in the face.

And screw buying face paint - we all have hunnerz of make-up bits and pieces that we don't use, so I plundered my dusty supplies and found a galore. Instead of powder I used talc and got a good whitish effect, although being a natural pale face this was never going to be hard! For my eyes I used black gel eyeliner and my lips were done with liquid. The photos are black and white, but on my cheeks I used purple eyeshadow as blush to get the contour effect. I didn't do this, but crushing old eyeshadow into vaseline is a good face paint substitute also. Then there was the back-combing - the higher the hair the closer to heaven!

We carved a pumpkin mid party. It was good.

We also saw some amazing people on the tube all dressed up. We greeted them like the kindred spirits they were. It's clearly the year of perfecting makeup skills though - how fabulous is the half dead half alive girl!? My fave.

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