Total Escape To Gorgeous Donegal

Been a busy bee today getting some things up on the blog before I make my escape West. My mamma is turning 60 and the family are descending on Donegal for a week in our cottage for some total escapism. The house has no electricity or gas supply, and only recently got running water, so it's going to be a wonderful break from modern life, but I thought I's share some of my uncle Michael Cross's photos with you before I depart from the internet (life off Twitter I feel might resemble rehab somewhat). Above is the view of the lake beside the house that serves as bathroom, and the fireplace, my favourite and the warmest spot in the house! Apaz my mum said if I still have this awful cold I've been hacking around with I can sit by it and drink hot whisky. Natch.

Catch you when I return to the twenty-first century!

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