Olympics Time!

This week, the Olympics Games finally commence in London. What, you didn't know about it? The media of all wavelengths and forms haven't been banging on about it for what feels like eternity? Yeah man, dunno if you got the memo, but London are hosting the Olympics this year! If it's not some fitness advice in the lifestyle sections or some sporty-themed advert, it's stories on the spiralling costs or TFL telling us at all stops that this stop will be unavoidably busy during the Games, so can you please find another? Yeah, and the weather's going to be totally awful. We're gonna be put to shame by torrents from the skies.

Yes, people, although I am keen to do some kind of list of my latest lusts themed on the great sporting event, I wanted to to give it a slightly different twist, mainly in order that you don't keel over with sheer boredom at yet another lycra-themed trend report. Which brings me to my African meets sportwear fusion feature

The Lovestruck crop top, £32, is a great statement in tribal style. The loud pattern makes it super flattering, as it makes your top half look bigger, will balance out any bared midriff. Match your jungle fever with these ASOS leopard print shades, £15 .The Julien MacDonald shorts are lovely and light, channelling those sprinter stylez, with some gorgeous lacy embellishment. And know what? They're down to £98 from £280 on The Out Net! Chouchou's Hollyhood, c. £50, and Lazy Oaf's Batman backpack are both sporty and also kinda hip hop, non? But if you're going for extra fashion and practical points these days, wedge trainers are a must, and at just £30, Tribeca Shoes's tan versions are sure to win you gold. Tribeca's website launched TODAY and with 15% off your first order, these bad boys are more affordable than ever. Tatty Devine's trapeze necklace, £24, is a witty statement of sporting events, while rounding off the outfit with a slick, feminine twist.

I was also inspired this week by the 1968 Olympic champion Tommie Smith. At the height of the struggle for civil rights in America, he received death threats for representing America as a man of colour, such was the attitude towards non-white Americans. Slavery had only been abolished a century before. On winning gold, he used the platform to make the political sign for black rights and was subsequently expelled from the Games. But most awful? He has since never been re-acknowledged, apologised to and remains outwith the US Olympics Hall of Fame.

I say the world would be a much worse place if people like Smith didn't stand up in times like the 1960s. The Olympics are great and all, but can also show the cracks in society, like the countries that currently refuse to let women compete. Let's not get too wrapped up in cheering from our home team and hope that we can learn from the lessons of the past............

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