More Magazine: Behind The Scenes

I was invited to take part in a More magazine shoot last week. It was super exciting - basically, they do these features where they ask girls to style one item their own way to show how different we all can make one thing look! If you haven't bought it recently, More seem to be doing a wee make-under to go less in the tacky weeklies route and more like Company (oh yes I went there) and give a spotlight to bloggers and the ordinary readership. It's a nice idea and something of a democratic approach to magz.

I made my way over to the studio for 9AM sharp on Tuesday, an East End joint, where they even had laid on a wee breakfast to get our blood sugar going for the day of fashion fun.... read on for all my snaps from the day!

I hadn't really known what to expect so pretty much brought a good deal of my wardrobe! However, we only had on bite at the cherry so I might as well have brought less - they also had brought along what lookd like half the fashion cupboard, so we got to pick at that too! Having said that, it was nice to use my own stuff. Just goes to show that when faced with a wall of brand new threads, you actually want the comfort of your own clothes. 

Obviously I wasn't allowed to snap the outfits, but the studio itself was kinda exciting. Hair and make-up took a wee while but the girls were awesome and I was super jeal of all the amazing products and tools they had. I guess its the repressed hairstylist in me. They were pumping girly tunage on the speakers and it was a really fun, relaxed atmosphere; our photographer was a genuinely nice dude and seemed to put everyone at ease. I had a wicked time, I hope the other girls did too - the last shot is what it looked like from in front of the lens!

And finally.............................
Hat: from Dublin
Tee: Gina Tricot
Tattoo Sleeves: Carlotta Actis Barone
Clutch: Nat & Nin
Boots: Aldo


  1. Loved this whole post!
    Congratulations Rena on the feature!! You look fab! Totally rocking your look! ;)

  2. amazing - congrats!

    ♥ ThankFifi
    p.s. they have the same ironing board as me ;)

    1. Haha of course they do! ;) churrrz x

  3. Fantastic! Well done you!!! Love the pics and the post ;)