[Belfast] Just Dance

*I love this record baby, but I can't see straight anymore*

Previously, on Electric Dress, I recounted all my adventures in Belfast over the Easter weekend. But did I tell you that, after having got back on Tuesday to Dublin, on the Friday I was straight back on the bus north? Well I did. I was less obsessed with the blog side of things that time, but I did get up to some mischief of note. 

I arrived late on Friday and stayed with Phil. We hit Lavery's, where my university friend Rebecca works as manager. She got us into the dancehall for freebies and we boogied down to some rock n roll. Saturday, I went a-wandering and discovered a cute little shop in the district, Rio/Brazil/BT9. They had great prints in stock, and a lot of Italian labels, although it was a wee bit over my budget. After, I met up with Rebecca away from the stress of her being at work, and had a catch up. She and I were in halls together, and go way back, and we had fun filling each other in on life after graduation.

Back at Phil's, Carl came over and cooked us a yummy vegan dinner of kale crisps; apple, carrot and beetroot salad and veggie-tastic Indian snacks. Then it was time to hit a hipster gallery in town for a cheeky wee BYOB and to see Phil's mate Benni play with her band LOGIKPARTY. I wore my Military hat, Carl his sequin top with black lippie and Phil his cat's eyes tee. I tell you, if there's one city where it ain't hard to get attention, it's Belfast. The taxi driver managed to be homophobic and a misogynist all in the space of one short taxi ride... although we bitched about him in French without his knowing, which felt kinda good.

The party was ace, and we threw some shapes with Phil and Carl's mate Anne Marie before bedtime called. Sunday was a relaxed affair, much DVDs and chilling. Phil introduced us to Big Train (Carl came back to get his stuff) and we only left the house to get such essentials as Malteser Bunnies, coconut M&Ms and Irn Bru from the shop. Despite an early night, getting up for the commuter bus to Dublin sure was hard in the morning......

Skull voddy. Mm!
Phil enjoys Lavery's dancehall.... No, honestly...
Rio | Brazil | BT9
Rio | Brazil | BT9
Rio | Brazil | BT9
Catch up coffee with Rebca in Lavery's
Taxi's not here? Let's vogue!

Inside the gallery
Taxi man thought Carl was a stripper. Dunno why.
Phil pulls his best pout


  1. Hey I work in Lavs too. And I live with Rebecca! Small world!


    1. No way! Rebecca is a babe, I love her! And how did u find this!? deffo gotta check me out ur blog, small small world! xxx