[Den Haag] The Food

During the first half of my weekend in Holland, I certainly enjoyed some good food. However, in the second half, things really got serious. I guess it all started with discovering that in Holland you can buy snack packs of cucumbers... for a meat eater, I am into eating vegetables in a big, big way, and discovering these micro grab packs of juicy vitamins and goodness was a culinary highlight of the trip! Made me think somehow I would get on well living in Holland...

Saturday night, we went to Fedelma's Senegalese friend Lilli's apartment for dinner; Lilli is the youngest sister of Fedelma's boyfriend Makane. Her friend Nas, half Somalian, half Ethiopian, also joined us, and the pair slipped between English and French and back in one breath. They cooked us fabulous African food; crispy tuna and spring onion bites to start with, chicken with onions and green olives with rice for main served with a lovely wine, but they were so camera shy I only have shots of the nosh! But oh, how we laughed - my face was aching at some points - and in true girls night in style, we had not one dessert (homemade cheesecake), but a second cheeky after-thought (vanilla ice cream with melted dark chocolate sauce).

Den Haag is really close to the coast so on Sunday we got refreshing smoothies from a juice bar to go and took a stroll on the beach in the early spring sunshine. Once she'd aired me out, Fedelma took me to the sumptuous Argentinian steak house Gaucho's where we ordered a feast of red meat, salads and wine. We followed with some desserts to die for - mine, "Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate" consisted of ice-cream, mousse, tart and flake, all in the most delicious food stuff known to womanFedelma took a strawberry treat, which the waiter turned divine by sprinkling in black pepper onto her dark chocolate sauce (and no, that isn't a terrible euphemism!).

On Monday, Fedelma was off again to work and I peruse Den Haag once more. By this point I was really feeling the hedonism of the last few days, but had fun snapping away in the sunny streets, like spotting this cute little moor hen and NOT visiting the Escher museum because it was closed! I wore my new floral Zara shorts, seen here with my fresh garden salad lunch. Fedelma got back from work even more exhausted than Friday night and I cooked her up some yummy pancakes, the Dutch tradition, with smoked salmon, sour cream and avocado salad for mains, lemon & sugar, jam and nutella for dessert.

Tuesday morning I walked Fedelma to work through the park and got my flight from Schipol, the only airport I've ever been to where "Museum"  and "Spa" feature on the signage...


  1. Next time we'll prepare ourselves and take the pose avec grand plaisir :)!!!! Bisouxxxxxx

  2. yeah that would be amazing! c'etait trop bien, merci encore pour tous ;) bisous xxxxxxxx