[Belfast] *Bad Kids* | Part 1 of 3

*We don't care what people say, we know the truth
Enough is enough of this horse s###
I am NOT a freak I was BORN with my free gun
Don't tell me I'm less than my freedom*

Note the gender colour coded Alpine style knits

I decided to stay in Ireland for the Easter festivities this year seeing as I have oodles of relatives here and will be returning to the UK within the month. Belfast is a neat 25 euro and two and a half hours away by Bus Eireann, so after a day of wholesome tasks in Dublin like laundry, blog duty and a run, I was off for a weekend with friends and the fam. I've been travelling so damn much recently I now packing down to an art: with a list of all I need in my agenda, I simply work down chucking everything into a bag. Easy peasy expandable-suitcase squeezy.

My friend Carl recently moved home to the city of my fathers after a stint in Montpellier working for a wine company. We met, partly through our friends Dearbhla, Graeme, Sean et al, partly through studying French together, both doing the feminism for beginners class Women's Writing at Glasgow. Carl is awesome and we always have a ton of fun together: he met me off the bus and it was straight to the water's edge, first to affirmed hipster hangout Filthy McNasty's for a wee G&T. Wondering what closing time would be that night, we wandered over to his friend Radek's, who joined us to go to The Tap House for 3 pound cocktails, a fairly bread-and-butter pub replete with creepy alco propping up the bar.

Turned out last orders weren't as early as we thought, at 11 the four of us caught the last bus to Carl's house, and only just made it, legging it all the way. Back at Carl's we tucked into vodka with gusto, despite the other two needing to be up for work the next day, poor Holly at 6 30 to work in the family coffee shop. We hadn't really eaten although I did slip in a cheeky Americano from Clement's earlier, so I was in full motor mouth mood which I now remember with some anguish.... But as I told Carl the next day, socialising is not a spectator sport!

Having caffiene crashed at around 2 am, we woke up at 1 and were fed pancakes by Carl's mum Kate. First things first, we dressed up mainly in Carl's clothes as Ourselves, a.k.a. Dickheadz on tour, a.k.a. his n hers alpine pixies, and wandered into town to check out the charity shops which I was keen to scour, especially with vintage expert Carl in tow. Any time you ask that lad where he got something: *Oh this? I got this in Paris for 3 euro...* 

Being a rag mag freak has some drawbacks - I never spend enough time on researching good music,  compilation albums are an excellent if somewhat retro and lazy way to up my game. Barnardo's, annoyingly all furniture, did have some hella kitsch 90s CDs - B Magazine's Bite Back and Boogie, Jennifer Paige, Carl Cox and Tina Cousins and Fantasia's British Anthems... Summertime, featuring remixes of tracks by The Temperer, Babe Instinct and The Prodigy. We promptly got for danzing to laterz, though the J17 one featuring *tonsil-warbling hits from Samantha Mumba and Slipknot* had a SUM41 CD in when we got home.. 

After a quick rummage in the British Heart Foundation, it was on to Oxfam Vintage - it seems Oxfam direct their better quality finds to this kind of branch, although the one on Glasgow's Byres Road in the heart of studentland is way more pricier than this one. I got a beautiful silk jacket, an all black shirt-to-be-worn-as-dress and printed floral summer pants, all for about 12 pounds. These pictures were taken by Carl's mate Phil on Sunday night but more on that another time.... where I can I've listed how I styled them, although much stuff was stolen outta Carl's wardrobe!

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Tee hee!

Filthy McNasty's had a deceivingly pretty and nice gazebo and fairy light affair!
Did someone say Apple Daiquiri?
So bad they're good....


Find 1
 Silk Print Jacket: Oxfam
Pink Tee: H&M
Black Tights (worn as trousers): Wolford
Boots: Aldo
Sunglasses: Hugo Boss
Flower: H&M
Fringe Necklace: H&M

Find 2
 Black Shirt: Oxfam
Jacket: Stylist's own
Black Tights: Wolford
Boots: Aldo

Find 3
Floral Print Trousers: Oxfam
Denim Shirt: Stylist's own
Feather Headband: Stylist's own
Shoes: Manfield


  1. I want ALL of these Oxfam finds!! jeal! x

    1. haha! seriously, charity shops r the way to go! we should take a tour of Dublin's offering before I bounce, non? xxx