[Electric Dresser] Stripey Skirt

Sofia / Journalist / Freemasons Hall, London
When I stopped Sofia and asked for a photo after a show at Vauxhall Fashion Scout, she seemed pretty blazé. When it came to asking what she had on her, she waved me in the direction of a wee girl laden with bags, who scrambled for a notebook and relayed the necessary info; turns out this lady is a writer for Vogue Italia! That's how the pro's do it!

It's a vintage look with lots going on, I love the dedication to the Seventies silhouette, although it's not easy to pull off. The stripe-and-floral print on the skirt is gorgeous, and personally I would mix it up with cleaner, more fitted top half. High five for balls!

Jacket: Vintage
Skirt: Lako Bukia
Hat: Topshop
Bag: Onna Ehrlich

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