Electric Dress At Large: Intrinsically Florrie and the Skinny magazine

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Last week I hit the airwaves as street style example on theblog Intrinsically Florrie, handiwork of the wonderfully kooky Florrie whom I met and street styled myself at London Fashion Week, and as author of an interview with Jennie Loof in the Skinny magazine, and in this online version.

Florrie photographed me on the first day when I wore a punky 1950s outfit, a much snapped look that had me spotted for Motel Rocks, 1883 Magazine and Thunder and Threads, but it was my accessories that caught her eye in particular. The scarf I was given by a family friend after I admired its material and hails from Debenhams, not exactly a store I would frequent on a regular basis, but just goes to show you can never predict what you like from anywhere. The shades are from a Dublin boutique, the earring is River Island, which unfortunately I managed to misplace on some drunken antics last week. To be honest, it was starting to do that thing cheap jewellery does where it goes pink, disappointing to say the least, but it was so fun to play with the idea of having a flesh hole.

I interviewed Jennie by email when I was actually in Paris, which sounds a lot more impressive than it was. I was asked on the Sunday when I had pretty much just touched down on the Sunday night to get 750 words in by the Tuesday on Jennie and her upcoming projects, and despite being on a little vaycay, I jumped at the chance and spent the next day ignoring Paris from an internet cafe.... only to be told there was no room in the final magazine! Fortunately, it has made it into this month's issue, and both Jennie and I are super pleased with the results.

Jennie was a really nice person to interview, being very obliging and interesting with her responses, making for rich pickings in finding a thread to link it all together. Hopefully its none to subtle what I ended up with! I really like doing this kind of article, having previously interviewed fashion designer David Black and singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt for Slave magazine. If you yourself have some talent to tell the world about, big or small, please wing me over a message and we can get your name out there..... Karl if you are reading, that includes you.

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